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May 26

Treats from Rigoni di Asiago

  A few weeks ago, I told you about a couple of Rigoni di Asiago products, and now I’m going to share a couple more.   After reading my first review, Rigoni di Asiago asked if I would like to try their organic honey and natural sweetener – of course I said yes! I loved …

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Apr 13

Treats from Rigoni di Asiago

I love finding new clean eating approved foods, don’t you? Rigoni di Asiago reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try a couple of their products. When I saw that they used organic ingredients – and were from a country I hope to visit some day – I had to say yes! …

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Jan 10

Social Sparkling Wine with Hibiscus, Ginger and Coconut!

It has been awhile, hasn’t it? Unfortunately, life sometimes gets in the way of hobbies and such – and this past year has been quite tumultuous. I had to let some things go in order to reduce stress and keep up with the important things – family, illness, work. But I will try to pop …

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Feb 19

Chocolate Chunk Protein Bites

BiPro USA sent me the product for review. However, all opinions are my own.   When you are lifting, it is important that you give your muscles adequate protein for repair and recovery. A post workout shake is a great way to do that. There are hundreds of protein powders on the market today – …

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Feb 15

Spanish Shrimp and Spinach with Red Velvet Brownies

I was recently given the opportunity to review 2 new cookbooks on the market, Sheet Pan Paleo, by Pamela Ellgen and Protein Powder Cooking….Beyond the Shake, by Courtney Neilsen.   Sheet Pan Paleo is packed with over 200 recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts. What I love best about this cookbook is that you can make …

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Aug 24

Looking for Organic Beauty Products? Check out Vegan Cuts!

I believe it is as important to know what we are putting on our skin as the food we put in our bodies. Beauty and skin care products can be loaded with chemicals. Some of these chemicals, such as parabens, can be linked to health issues. Studies have shown parabens can influence estrogen and increase …

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