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Oct 22

The Challenges of October Unprocessed

    This month we have been following the October Unprocessed Challenged from Eating Rules.com, and it has been truly a challenge. Not because I am not familiar with eating clean, I am. I eat clean as a rule. It was because I was traveling a lot this month. As a matter of fact, I …

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Oct 10

Recipe Wednesday – Lean Green Shake, Basil Pesto, Zucchini Zip

It’s Recipe Wednesday! This week we are focusing on green or green skinned food. Foods that are green in color contain lutein, indoles, sulforaphane, zeaxanthin, phenethyl isothiocyanate, monoterpenes. They help to lower the risk breast, prostate, lung and other cancers; promote eye health; help build strong bones; boost immunity.   Foods to try: Green apples, …

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Oct 08

Tips for Eating Less Processed Foods

  October Unprocessed Week 2 This past week of the challenge helped me to realize that my eating had gotten a little off track. I have been traveling quite a bit the past couple of weeks and my eating schedule has been erratic. Although I have tried to make healthy choices while eating out, at …

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Oct 03

Radicchio, Fennel & Pear Salad and Eggplant Caponata Recipes

Eating whole foods provide essential nutrients that fuel and protect our bodies. The more colors we eat the better variety of antioxidants and vitamins we will consume. For the first week of our October Unprocessed Challenge, we are focusing on foods that have a blue-purple, or red hue. Foods that are blue-purple contain anthcyanins and …

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Oct 01

October Unprocessed – 10 Rules for Unprocessed Eating

  I’ve decided to join the October Unprocessed Challenge on the Eating Rules Website. If you would like to join me, please sign up here at Eating Rules. I am also going to run this challenge on my facebook page Get Fit Naturally. If you would like to join, please go to that page and …

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