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Mar 29

Fitness Friday 8×8 Workout

I’m really enjoying these new workouts I’ve been trying. I did this one last week. It’s a tough one. I used a barbell but you can use dumbbells as the photos demonstrate. This is not meant to be performed fast or even with an “easy” weight.   You are to lift heavy and not let go …

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Feb 19

Booty and Shoulder Metabolic Workout

I have a current training program, but on Saturdays I like to try new workouts. This Saturday I tried a workout based on Metabolic Conditioning. When you first look at the workout, it appears easy enough, but trust me, it will get your heart pumping and muscles burning. I chose the exercises to work on …

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Sep 10

Weekend Workout by Metabolic Effect

Recently I decided to start trying to incorporate different types of workouts into my training once a week; usually on weekends after I’ve complete my main routine for the week. This week I did a metabolic workout from Metabolic Effect. I love their website! It is packed with information and some are geared specifically for …

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