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Dec 03

6 Ways to Start Working Out After a Long Break

     Motivation can be a fickle thing, especially when it comes to working out. One moment, you’re sweating it out every other night for a month straight, but then something comes up – school, work, a vacation, a breakup – and two days off turns into a week and suddenly, you’ve been paying gym …

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Aug 21

Healthy Habit Challenge: Taking Body Measurements

Hi everyone! I haven’t had much time to do any blogging lately, so today I’m happy to be able to share a guest post with you!  While it’s important not to become so obsessed with the scale that you are weighing yourself twice a day (yes, it happens), I believe that checking your stats on …

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Jun 01

How To Successfully Kick Your Sugar Habit to the Curb

  Sugar. It’s sweet. It’s delicious. And it’s one reason many Americans face obesity issues. Between 1977 and 2010, American adults increased their intake of added sugars by 30 percent, from 228 calories per day to 300 calories on average. Nearly 20 percent of Americans exceed more than 700 calories worth of added sugar each …

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Mar 22

10 Ways Yoga Benefits Your Body

As the popularity of yoga rises, studios are popping up all over the country and people are talking about the benefits of regularly practicing yoga. And they’re not wrong. Doing yoga on a regular basis, in a class setting or individually, helps you spiritually, mentally, and physically. Here are some of the ways your physical …

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Aug 29

Abs Workouts for Men – Building Physique, Stamina and Confidence!

Health and fitness have been the demanded attributes especially among the youth. While the yesteryears were the ages of heavy workouts for the people; with the gradual changes in the society and economy, lifestyle patterns changed dynamically. Today, we all boast of our sedentary lives and we continue with our efforts to adore more number …

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Jul 11

Fun and Fitness at Home – The Alternative to Gym Membership

  While being a member of a gym is an excellent way of getting yourself into shape, there are a number of reasons why this is not always the best option for everyone. Rising costs, the inconvenience of travel and the need for privacy can all play their part in putting people off a trip …

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