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Jul 31

Healthy Habit Challenge Week Two – Eliminating Sugar

Welcome to Week Two of the 8 Week Healthy Habit Challenge – Bust that Sugar Habit!   Last week’s challenge you were to keep a journal of everything you ate and drank for three days. This was to help you assess your worst health habit. Did you notice any patterns? Do you eat when you’re …

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Sep 08

8 Tips for Fitting in Exercise

Why should you exercise? Exercising is just about having a better looking body. It’s about getting healthy. Exercise helps prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. As we age, exercise helps strengthen our bones preventing osteoporosis.   Government Exercise guidelines are as follows: ~2 hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes) of moderate-intensity …

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Nov 04

13 Habits for Healthy Living

A guest post by Alicia Lawrence   1. Be Active Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park your car at the far side of the parking lot and walk. Take short breaks at the office to get up and move around. Even a short burst of activity can do wonders for your metabolism.   …

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Sep 07

Maintaining fitness while recovering from an injury – and I mixed my own granola!

A few weeks ago, I was rear-ended while sitting at a stop light. At first I didn’t think I was injured, however, a week later I was told I had whiplash. So for the past several weeks, I have not been able to do anything in the gym other than using the elliptical. For me, …

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Mar 25

Tips to Regain Your Fitness Mojo

If you’ve been working out long enough, you already know that sooner or later you will hit a fitness funk. Sometimes it comes from overtraining, but more often than not, it sneaks up on you, usually when life has gotten crazy. This happened to me recently. I was pushing along, enjoying my normal gym routine, …

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Jul 27

Don’t Be Afraid of the Incredible Bulk

Benefits of Strength Training Mention the words “strength training” and many people will roll their eyes and poo-poo the entire idea. Images of big burly men lifting Olympic size weights immediately enter their minds. Who wants to have muscles like that? What they don’t understand is that strength training isn’t about getting bulging muscles. Oh, …

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