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Aug 29

Abs Workouts for Men – Building Physique, Stamina and Confidence!

Health and fitness have been the demanded attributes especially among the youth. While the yesteryears were the ages of heavy workouts for the people; with the gradual changes in the society and economy, lifestyle patterns changed dynamically. Today, we all boast of our sedentary lives and we continue with our efforts to adore more number …

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Jul 24

Back to Basics Move of the Week – The Crunch

The first thing everyone thinks of about working the ab area is – gonna get a six pack! However, it is more important to work the abs to – get a strong core! Strong core muscles lead to better balance and stability in our everyday activities as well as in sports or in the gym. …

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Jul 07

It’s a Sizzlin’ Saturday and We’re Sweating Pink!

Its summer and I know everyone wants a slim midsection. Today’s workout challenge is all about Abs. As you know, working your abs and doing cardio is only 20% of the equation when showing your abs – the other 80% is done in the kitchen. So in addition to this workout, you are going to …

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