Sponsorship/Brand Ambassador

If you have a fitness or healthy living blog, small business, upcoming event or online shop you’d like to promote, please consider advertising on getfitnaturally.org!

Please note that the focus of my blog is fitness, healthy eating, and general wellness. My readers are most receptive to products and services that reflect this focus.

Sponsorship includes display of your ad (125 x 125 only) on my sidebar for one month, linking to your blog/business in a monthly sponsor shout out post, shared at the beginning of each month.

You can purchase a monthly ad on my site, create a 125 x 125 button and I will display it on the sidebar on my blog! Your button will be clickable and will take my visitors directly to your site.

Doing so will give you exposure to the tens of thousands of readers that visit my blog/social media each month. In addition, my posts are promoted through multiple social media platforms and frequently shared and reTweeted by my many associates in the online fitness community.

Payments are made via PayPal and you can pay on a month-by-month basis or for multiple months at a time. My current rate is $30 per month or $75 for three months (always paid in advance).

If you’re also interested in having me review your product or service, you can combine advertising with a sponsored post. My current rates are $100 (for a one month ad + a sponsored post (500 words or less) and $150 (for a three month ad + a sponsored post). I always disclose to my readers when a post has been sponsored (just keeping it real and following govt guidelines).

All ad placements will change out on the 1st of the month – for example, if you email me on September 15, your month long ad display will begin on October 1st (and you will be featured in the October sponsor shout out post (for sponsorships). Ads and payment must be received by the 25th of the month.

Ads will be placed within the right side bar, just below the fold. The order of ad placements will rotate automatically and randomly each time the page is viewed.

I am happy to work with you as your brand ambassador if I am passionate about your product or brand.
Need a presence at an event?
I also accept sponsorships at select blogging events such as Blogher and FitBloggin.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor or advertiser, please send me an email entitled “Get Fit Naturally Sponsor” at lplanham@gmail.com

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