Jun 12

My Fat Dad and Princess Pancakes Recipe

  To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book titled “My Fat Dad”, but it had me from the first chapter. In this book, Dawn Lerman shares what it was like to grow up in a family that had eating issues – no, eating disorders. While her dad yo-yoed from weight …

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Jun 01

How To Successfully Kick Your Sugar Habit to the Curb

  Sugar. It’s sweet. It’s delicious. And it’s one reason many Americans face obesity issues. Between 1977 and 2010, American adults increased their intake of added sugars by 30 percent, from 228 calories per day to 300 calories on average. Nearly 20 percent of Americans exceed more than 700 calories worth of added sugar each …

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May 12

5 Tips for Starting a Healthier Lifestyle

  Don’t DIET. Reverse the letters in the word and EDIT what you eat. Diets have an expiration date, healthy eating does not. Make a lasting lifestyle change by choosing healthier foods at every meal. Follow the 80/20 rule – eat healthy 80 percent of the time. The 80/20 rule gives you permission to have …

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May 10

Magnificent Muffins – No Sugar Added!

I love bakery style muffins – but they are loaded with sugar!  Muffins made with fruit, oats and nuts are perfect for those mornings when you have to rush out the door with minimal time for breakfast. So today, I am sharing with you, seven recipes that are naturally sweetened with fruit. No added sugars …

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Apr 14

5 Things to look for when buying cardio equipment

A lot of us choose to directly buy fitness equipment instead of joining a gym for using them, because we can use our personal equipment according to our own convenience and without having any restrictions of time. Plus, having own fitness equipment is a one-time investment and the entire family can use it, whereas there …

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Mar 30

Sexy Summer Arms

Let’s face it, no one likes having noodle arms. You know what I mean – you stopped waving 5 seconds ago but your triceps are still waving. If your arms need improving, try working giant sets into your routine once or twice a week. A giant set is three to five exercise performed in a …

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