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Fat Loss Challenge

Please find daily breakdown at this link:



Protein Sources: Chicken, Turkey, 99% Lean Ground Turkey, 1 whole egg w/4 Egg Whites, Fish, Tuna, Lean Beef, Milk, Cottage Cheese 1%(3/4 c.), Greek Yogurt(3/4 c)

Protein Powders (1scoop)

1 serving equals 3 oz. or a piece the size of a deck of cards


Starch Carbs: Oatmeal, Brown Rice, Sweet Potato (small), Whole Wheat Bread (1slice), Whole Wheat English Muffin, Whole Wheat Pasta (1/2c)


Lower Carb Fruits & Vegetables: Apples, Berries, Kiwi, Asparagus, Green Beans, Broccoli, Cucumbers, Romaine Lettuce, Spinach

1 serving equals 1 cup


Higher Carb Fruits & Vegetables: Banana(med), Canteloupe, Honeydew, Grapes, Pineapple, Beans (kidney,white,pinto), Chickpeas, Pumpkin, Squash, Zucchini, Corn, Carrots, Tomatoes, Cauliflower

1 serving equals ½ cup.


Good Fats: Natural Peanut or Almond Butter 1 tab., Olive Oil 1/2 tab., Nuts 1-2tab., Flaxseed 1 tab., Salmon 1 oz.


Freebies: Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, 2 tab. wheatgerm


Each day eat:

5 servings protein

6 servings fruits and veggies (2 fruit, 4 veg)

2 servings of Starch Carbs

3 servings of Good Fats per day


Divide servings into 5 meals per day.

Example:       Breakfast  ½ c. oatmeal (1 starch), w/cinnamon, 1tab. wheat germ

                   ½ c. berries (1/2 fruit serving)

                   1 tab. Ground flaxseed (1 good fat)

                   1 scoop protein powder in 4 oz. water (1 protein)


You have 1 starch, 2 fats, 1.5 fruits & 4 veggies, and 4 protein servings to go for the day. Write the servings on a notepad and mark them off as you eat them, this will help you keep track of how much you are actually eating.


Avoid alcohol, sodas, and fruit juices. Drink 4-6 cups of water a day, along with unsweetened tea, and coffee (nonfat creamer only). No fast food while on this program. Have 1 meal a week as a tr(ch)eat, eat what you want, but don’t have a 3 hour meal, cool?.


Note: The fruits and vegetables listed are just a sample, no vegetable or fruit is off limits.


21 Day Fat Loss Challenge Workouts


You can do these workouts with dumbbells, resistance bands, vegetable cans water bottles or bodyweight, whatever you have on hand!


Your first week schedule will look like this:

Day 1: Workout A

Day 2: Cardio 1

Day 3: Workout B

Day 4: Cardio 2

Day 5: Workout C

Day 6: Cardio 3

Day 7: Active Rest: Housework, Handwash car, Play with Kids, Sports, Gardening, or if you are totally wiped, just plain REST.


Next week, we may change up the routines, stay tuned and see! Check daily for tips for success.


Workout A


Squats w/Shoulder Press 20x

Squat Jumps 20x

Pushups 20x

Lunge w/Bicep Curl 10x per leg

Jump Lunges 20x

Dips 20x

Bicycle Crunches 20x


Workout B


Back Rows 20x

Single Leg Step-ups on Bench (or step, chair) 10x per leg

Push ups w/one leg raised 20x

Sumo squats w/shoulder Front Raise 20x

Burpees 20x

Dips w/one leg raised 20x

Plank Jacks 20x  (plank position, move legs as if doing jumping jacks)

Workout C


Jump Squats 25x

Push-up with back row 15x per side

Side Lunge tapping floor 15x per side

Triangle (tricep) Push-ups 25x

Sumo squat jumps 25x

Stationary Lunge w/Hammer Curl 15x per side

Plank Twisters 15 per side

Go through these exercises in order without rest. Each circuit is 1 round.

Beginners perform 3 rounds, as quickly as possible (or 20 min.) whichever comes first. Rest as needed.

Advanced perform 4 rounds, as quickly as possible (or 20 min.) whichever comes first.


Workout A


Squats w/Upright Rowes 20x

Squat Jumps 20x

Decline Pushups 20x (prop your feet up on a 6” or more step or bench)

Dumbbell Lunge w/Bicep Curl 10x per leg (see definitions)

Jump Lunges 20x

Dips 20x

Plank Jacks 20x


Workout B


Wide Outs 20x

T-Push Ups 10x per side

Sumo squats w/Shoulder Press 20x

Plank w/Back Rows 20x

Skiers 12x per leg

Dips w/one leg raised 20x

Inchworm 20x



Workout C


Rotating Jump Squats 4 rounds

Back row w/tricep extension 15x per side

Lunge w/Torso Rotation 12x per leg

Plyo-clap push up 20x (push up explosively, and clap hands before landing)

Wide Outs 25x

Hamstring Bridge Lift 15x per side

Ab V-Ups 20x


Go through these exercises in order without rest. Each circuit is 1 round.


Beginners perform 3 rounds, as quickly as possible (or 20 min.) whichever comes first. Rest as needed.


Advanced perform 4 rounds, as quickly as possible (or 20 min.) whichever comes first.



Remember, if you aren’t a little uncomfortable, you aren’t working hard enough. However, if you feel dizzy or faint at any time, please STOP.

If you have extra energy and time, do a little steady state cardio for another 10-20 minutes.


Here is the link for to take you to the daily breakdown of the challenge!


Please check Exercise Definitions Page for exercise descriptions.


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  1. Patricia

    Hi, I’m new to your blog but I follow your Facebook page! I’m not sure if this is new, but I am going to try and follow this to help kick start myself again, I’ve fallen off track just mildly so this may help me re-motivate myself.

    Do you have the updated workouts for after week one as yet, or is this just a new post??

    1. getfitnaturally

      Hi Patricia, The Fat Loss Challenge page is the basics. Here is the link for the days – and thank you for bringing to my attention that this link was missing from the page!

  2. Alice

    If you find yourself going to the fridge when you are bored and indulging in sweet treats, write a note on the fridge that has suggestions for activities you can do like taking a walk, drawing or writing a poem. Cutting down on snacking when you are not hungry takes out hundreds of calories.

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