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Maintain, Don’t Gain plus FREE workouts!

I love to pass on helpful information to my followers, and this challenge was passed on to me from my friends over at AcaciaTV. I am in no way making any compensation on this post. Well, I do receive the joy of giving you a discount on access to hundreds of workouts that can be done in your living room with little or no equipment!


And the best part?

Use the code 3MONTHSTOFIT and you get 3 free months of workouts!

  maintain dont gain

AcaciaTV is running a “Maintain, Don’t Gain” fitness challenge through the holidays. The premise of this challenge is that holiday weight gain really begins with adults raiding the Halloween stash and continues through New Year’s Eve. Each week participants in the AcaciaTV Holiday Weight Maintenance Challenge will get the tools they need to maintain, not gain. The five point plan provides everything needed to:

Move – AcaciaTV contributors Benjamin Allen (of Groove3) and CeCe Olisa (AKA the Plus Sized Princess) will post new express workout videos, each designed to burn calories and blast fat. Fitness expert Alison Heilig will also post workout recommendations from AcaciaTV’s streaming on demand library of over 450 fitness routines.

Eat – Smart and simple holiday eating strategies will be shared based on the Cornell Food Psychology Lab’s award winning research.

Be Mindful – Mindfulness expert Kate Hanley will share her best tips for staying aware of eating, workout and lifestyle habits to help anyone maintain the good ones and shed the bad ones.

Enjoy Life – The AcaciaTV team will reveal the best strategies for adapting holiday habits to painlessly prevent weight gain.

Be rewarded! – Participants will be able to follow their progress with AcaciaTV’s tracking system,. They will find support and motivation from their members-only Facebook page and they will be eligible for great prizes and giveaways.


Let’s have a great holiday season, have fun, and maintain – not gain!

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  1. GiGi Eats

    Treating every day like it’s any other day is what helps me stay on track! Exercise EVERY DAY – I don’t care WHAT day of the week it is!

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