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Bulu Box (Review) #SweatPink!

Disclaimer: I received this product from Bulu Box on behalf of FitApproach for review. All opinions are my own.


I’m one of those people who prefer to “sample” a product before I spend good money on the full size product only to find out I didn’t like it. Are you one of those people too? If you are then Bulu Box may be for you.

Bulu Box is a monthly subscription box that introduces you to new health, nutrition, and weight loss products. Each box contains 4 to 5 premium samples from a wide range of top brands. But it’s a little different than other subscription services because you can earn rewards!  Each month you can earn up to 100 Rewards Points (that’s $10!) just for subscribing and sharing your thoughts. Once you’ve earned Rewards Points you can use them like actual cash towards a full-size purchase of your new favorite product. Some Bulugans even get their order completely free! 

 bulu box


As I was checking out Bulu, I noticed that other reviews for the August box seemed to have different items than mine. So I went back over to the Bulu website to see what was up. They offer two different box options, the Bulu Box Original and Bulu Box Weightloss. Once you sign up, you fill out a profile questionnaire that helps them determine which box is right for you. Because my box, and some other reviews I read, were trial boxes (i.e. – provided for review), I did not get to answer the questionnaire. I discovered that I had received the “Weight Loss” Box (stated on the card included in the box). And while I was satisfied with the Quest Protein powders, I must admit, I was a little envious of some of the other boxes, which offered up items such as protein chips, tea and flavored stevia.


This is what was in my Bulu Box:

 bulu box 1bulu box items


As with all subscription box services, some months will offer better samples than others. The bottom line is always – is what you are getting worth what you are spending and are you happy with it?

Want to try a box yourself? Get a 50% off discount with the code SWEATPINK (code good only on 3, 6, or 9 month subscription)

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