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5 Snacks to take on Roadtrips

I do a lot of traveling and I’ve learned a thing or two about packing food for road trips. Most of my trips are under 5 hours, but a few years ago we traveled by car to Maine and packed a cooler full of snacks so we wouldn’t be caught without any healthy food options. I know that part of the fun of traveling is trying out new foods along the way, and it’s ok to splurge, but sometimes the options aren’t great or you may drive many miles before finding a restaurant. And really, do you want to trust gas station sandwiches? I didn’t think so. So below are some of my favorite foods and tips to keep you from wrecking your waist line!

1.    Homemade Trail Mix or Nuts

Making your own trail mix is easy. Throw together a variety of nuts, seeds, and unsweetened fruit. I prefer making my own so I can choose my ingredients, but you can find some good options on the market now. Just be sure to check for added sugars – you are already sweet enough!



2.    Apples and Bananas
Fruit is always a great option! These babies are very portable and full of nutrition. Just make sure your wash the apples before packing them. And if you are like me, you like peanut butter with your apples or bananas. Which is super easy now – see #3.



3.    Bars & Nut Butters
If you are purchasing your bars, be sure to check the ingredients list. You want the list to be full of natural ingredients such as in the Lara Bars (dates, cherries, cocoa, and nuts). You can also find numerous recipes to make your own protein or granola bars. Be sure to keep them in your cooler as they are made with fresh ingredients and could spoil quickly (or melt and become a gooey mess!) Nut butters packets come in all flavors now – Peanut, almond, chocolate cashew. Pick up a few for an easy travel fruit dip.



4.    Sliced Veggies
Wash, peel and slice some organic carrots, peppers and celery. Pack them in small baggies for easy portions. You can also pick up some olives for healthy fats!

photo from flicker

photo from flicker


5.    Protein Powder

To get in some extra protein, pack packets of vegan or whey protein powder. Be sure to carry a shaker cup or disposable cup to mix it in. If you use a shaker cup be sure to wash it when done, they can start to smell bad quick in warm weather!

Bonus Tip:

Many hotels have microwaves in the rooms making it easier to have a healthy breakfast. Measure out single servings of oatmeal into baggies and add in a little cinnamon for a healthy and easy breakfast.


What are some of your favorite travel foods?

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  1. Jody - Fit at 57

    You need some travel packs of Wild Friends & Quest bars in that pic! 🙂

    I am like you plus I have my homemade protein bars & loaf that travels well. 🙂

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