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Food and Fitness Friday – June Edition

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Fit Snack and this post may contain affiliate links. However, neither Polar nor Oxygen Mag asked for the reviews on their products.


Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while, I’ve been super busy and this past week, I caught a head cold. The brain has been full of fog so I hope this post makes sense!

I’m always trying new fitness items, buying new fitness books and checking out the latest healthy snack foods, so I decided to start doing a Food and Fitness Friday occasionally to let you know about the products I find.


This month’s Fit Snack box was chocked full of goodies! My favorite snack was the B’Bites Dried Fruit and Nuts – they are raw, all natural, gluten and soy free and vegan! I have never tried Sorghum before, so I was happy to see they had included a recipe along with the product. My nephew loves jerky so he claimed the Oerto Beef Jerky.

fitsnacks box


Fit Snack always includes a workout in their boxes as well, so I posted it below for you to try!


use this

Several months ago, I won a Polar Loop activity tracker from Everymove’s facebook page. I drive a lot for my job, so I like wearing an activity tracker because it reminds me to move more during the day. The Polar tracks steps, calories burned and activity levels. It will even tell you when it’s “time to move”. When I first received it, I realized it wasn’t tracking my steps when I used an elliptical or stair stepper; then a blogger friend told me to take it off my wrist and put it in my pocket while on those particular pieces of equipment, it worked!



I don’t really trust the calories burned tracker though. I wore the Polar Loop while also wearing a Polar Heart Rate Monitor during exercise and the calorie burned difference between the two was about 200 calories – the loop stating I burned less. I have a little more faith in the HR monitor. However, the Loop works as well as the Fitbit I used to have, and as long as it keeps me moving, it’s all good.



Have you checked out “The Oxygen Diet Solution” book from the editors of Oxygen Magazine and Dr. Susan Kleiner, RD, FAC CNS, FISSN?



This book is full of great info and the chapters are goal specific:

  • The Basic Oxygen Diet
  • Quick Fat Loss Diet (good for breaking plateaus or getting ready for an event)
  • Super Energy Diet (I need to revisit this one)
  • Power Immunity Diet
  • Muscle Building Diet

There are special features (articles) for Travel, Pregnancy, Motivation and Navigating the Supermarket.

Per your goal, the book lines up an exercise plan and a meal plan for you to follow for 28 days. It also provides recipes along with vegan and gluten free options.

If you’re not sure where to start on your fitness journey, or just need some fresh ideas, this book will make a great addition to your fitness collection.

What are some of your favorite food and fitness finds?

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