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Hop on Board the X-Train and get your fitness on!

A few weeks ago I received an email stating that I was getting the newest Cathe Friedrich DVD set, the X-Train, to review. I was so excited I was dancing in the living room. I love, love, love, Cathe!  Cathe is one of the first individuals to video fitness DVDs and she is also in the Fitness Hall of Fame!

I stumbled onto Cathe in the 90’s on the Discovery Fit TV channel, where they aired her workout show.  I loved working out with those shows!

Last September I attended a conference for fitness enthusiasts in Baltimore. It just so happened that Cathe was going be heading up one of the fitness classes. Oh yea, I would get up early for that one!

I felt so honored to be able to meet her in person, she was amazingly friendly! The class was friggen awesome. By the end of it I was drenched in sweat and the next day my shoulders were still on fire – and this was with nothing more than a resistance band and bodyweight exercises!

Ok, back to the review!

The X-Train DVD set is based on undulating periodization which involves changing the volume and intensity of the weight-training on a weekly or daily basis. For example, today you may do a chest, back and shoulder routine focusing on endurance – a lot of reps, and then you next workout you would focus on muscle building with 10 reps for biceps and triceps. This keeps your body from getting used to your routines, which could slow progress; and it keep YOU from getting bored.

The DVDs also come with a guidebook, which explains the research behind this type of program as well as the breakdown of routines. You have the option of doing a 90 day program, which does strength training and cardio on different days, or a 30 day program which combines both in the same workout.

There are also bonus workouts for the Core, 100 Rep challenges, and a heavy bag workout.  You can do these in addition to your workouts to hit your weak areas. And I absolutely LOVE the heavy bag tabata series!

So, bottom line would I recommend the X-Train collection? Hell yea! I’d recommend ANY of her DVD’s. She has so many to choose from and for all fitness levels. Hop over to her website and check them out!

As you can see in the side column, I am such a fan, I have become an affiliate!  If any of the Get Fit Facebook fans are interested, I may even do an X-Train month long challenge! What do you think?


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