Mar 22

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Barbell Complex Routine

This week I tried a Barbell Complex and loved it!

A barbell complex is a type of strength circuit where you complete 2, or more exercises with a barbell back to back with no rest without the bar touching the ground. Barbell complexes can be used as a workout, or within a workout.

Some benefits include:

  • Cardiovascular improvement without doing routine cardio
  • Increases muscular endurance
  • Creates an “afterburn” effect which helps to burn more calories.

Plus, you can do this routine in about 20 minutes.

This is not meant to be performed fast or even with an “easy” weight.   You are to lift heavy and not let go of the weight. Your weakest exercise determines the weight that you use; however, if your weakest weight is going to really detract from the rest of the workout, then use a separate weight for that one exercise. Luckily, mine was the curl, which was the last exercise to be performed, so it wasn’t too big a deal to change that weight – i used a separate barbell.

Perform all reps of one exercise before moving on (ex. 5 rows, 5 DL’s, 5 presses and etc. and then repeat 5 more times.) You may use either a barbell or dumbbell.


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