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Make Breakfast while you Move with Mr. Motivator!

Many people do not eat breakfast. The common excuse is “I’m not hungry” or “I just can’t eat that early in the morning”. I can understand both of these statements; however, I also know from experience that you can overcome both. You don’t need to eat as soon as your feet hit the floor when you get up and you don’t have to eat a full course breakfast. I usually have a cup of coffee before I have breakfast, and then I have a protein shake (it’s easier to get down some mornings) along with a bowl of oatmeal. Now I’m going to confess something – I eat oatmeal every-single-day. I know that sounds boring, but I’m telling you, if I don’t have my oatmeal I don’t feel as if I have had breakfast. I even carry it with me when I travel. My family knows that when I arrive, I will have my oatmeal, along with a few other essentials, with me.

I use the Quaker Old Fashioned Oatmeal and add my own fruit, wheat germ and cinnamon – it’s great! But I don’t only eat it at breakfast; I use it to make protein cookies and pancakes as well. And research indicates that oatmeal can help lower your cholesterol.


Research indicates that eating breakfast may help people lose weight by keeping them from over eating later in the day, or from making poor food choices. Many people have made New Year’s Resolutions to get healthier and I believe adding breakfast is a good way to start.

Need some motivation to make breakfast? To super start your morning and try out Quaker’s Two Minute Mover exercises for yourself please visit www.youtube.com/QuakerOatsUK

You really need to watch these videos – they are sooo fun!

Have you made a resolution to get healthier this year? How is that coming along?
Did you know?

7th January 2013; By the end of this week, over a third (36%) of women who made a New Year’s resolution will have already broken it – compared to just 28% of men, reveals new research from Quaker Oats and YouGov*. This year, 41% of women vowed to do more exercise, over a third (35%) are attempting to eat more healthily and 13% pledged to learn a new skill, yet a fortnight in, many are already giving up!

Quaker Oats have identified the top 5 tips to help the nation succeed with their number one New Year’s resolution, exercise:

1. Exercise at home – 40% of women won’t leave the house in January unless absolutely necessary
2. Make it cheap or free– you can get a gym membership for as low as 10 dollars a month on average
3. Fun and easy – almost half of adults (47%) would be more likely to take up exercise if it involved the fun factor
4. Multi-task – one in five (21%) want to exercise whilst multitasking, such as doing our daily chores
5. Make it snappy – most people are more open to exercise that takes two minutes out of their busy day.

With this in mind, Get Fit Naturally has teamed up with Quaker to promote Two Minute Moves.
Quaker, along with 90s fitness legend Mr. Motivator and star Denise Van Outen, is launching Quaker’s Two Minute Movers, a series of fun, two-minute, High Intensity Training (HIT) routines, aimed at maximizing a workout in limited time. The HIT exercises are fun, free, and take just two minutes, so can be done in the time it takes to cook your breakfast. Even better – they don’t involve leaving the house.

Mr. Motivator says “The Quaker Two Minute Mover videos are fun, easy to follow and use the principles of High Intensity Training to give you masses of energy for the day ahead. Each morning, come back; click on the video you want to try out, pop your porridge in the microwave… Then GO!”

Denise Van Outen said “Keeping fit and staying active is really important to me but as a busy working Mum I’m always looking for convenient ways to fit exercise into my hectic schedule. These quick and easy Two Minute Mover exercises are perfect for giving me that morning lift I need.”

Do you remember Mr. Motivator? Would you incorporate more movement in your day by using 2 minutes exercise routines?

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