Jan 15

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I have a new training partner in the gym – my Polar FT80!

For the past few weeks I’ve been stepping into the gym with a new training partner and I have fallen in love! Who is this marvelous new trainer you ask? My Polar FT80!

Many years ago I had a Polar Heart Rate Monitor that I bought from my local gym. I just couldn’t get into the habit of wearing it and I figured if I was huffing and puffing I knew I was working hard enough, right? Well, I’m a little older and a little wiser now, and I know that if I really want to improve my fitness, I need to be more accurate with my numbers.

So I hopped over to see what Polar had to offer now. Well, they have a lot to offer! There is a monitor for every athlete’s needs – including strength training. Now, if you have read any of my posts, or follow me on Facebook, then you know that I am a gym rat. I love the weights. Now, you are probably wondering how a heart rate monitor is going to help me with weight training right? I had the same question – so I emailed Chris and Maria at Polar, and they generously offered to let me see for myself!

A word of advice – when your new Polar HR Monitor arrives, take some time to go to the website, download the training manual and spend some quality time thoroughly going over the Polar Personal Training website. This little item needs some time taken with her, she’s not the wham-bam kind of gadget you can just turn on and hope to learn all there is about her. She’s not complicated mind you – she just has a little mystery.


Here are a few ways this little gadget tickles my fancy:

1. At the touch of a button, it will tell me the standard info – heart rate, how long I have spent in each of the three training zones, how many calories I have burned, and how long I’ve been training. But when I press the button to start my strength training program, it will give me the exercise (prepared by me if I desire), and tell me how long to rest between sets. No longer do I need to guess if I have rested too little or too long to benefit my goals. No more guesswork! My coach is going to love me.

2. I can “pause” my workout. If I get interrupted in the middle of my workout, I can push a button and it will stop recording – saving data and then start it up again when I’m ready.

3. I can sync up my workouts to PolarPersonalTrainer.com. There is a FLOWLINK accessory that you can purchase to sync up the workouts from your watch to the Polar Personal Trainer that allows you to track your training, create training programs, track your progress, and more!

4. It charts my workout loads and tells me when I need letting you know if I’ve recovered enough for my next workout or whether I’m not working as hard as I think I am and I need to kick it up a notch.


5. It gives you encouragement and tough love!


What didn’t tickle my fancy:

I honestly have no complaints about this product, unlike most of my loves. I’m still learning how to use the training program, so I know I haven’t utilized the Polar FT80 to its fullest potential, and I may find some annoying little thing done the road, but right now – I’m in love!

Would I recommend it: Hell yeah!


Do you use one of these fancy little gizmos?

Disclaimer: This heart rate monitor was given to me to review but the opinions are strictly my own.

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