Nov 09

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I am happy to be sharing this guest post with you from my friend and fitness guru Stephanie Keenan.


You know… the one who:

  • Won’t stand you up…
  • Will never let you down…
  • Is always on time…
  • Won’t weigh you down…
  • And will prove that really getting to know this person will improve ALL aspects of your life                                                                                (relationships, finances, health, spirituality, and career just to name a few)


Self-reliance is a priceless skill that will lead to an entire lifetime of success.

And what better way to get to know yourself than spending some quality training time in your own head?
Don’t get me wrong… training with another person helps you to push yourself and your limits along with improving your accountability, but what happens if that other person isn’t available? Will you scratch your workout? Will you do it anyway but with less enthusiasm?
Or, will you pull on your fitness clothes and get it done with a high level of energy?

Being alone with your own thoughts is very powerful… Thinking about how YOU feel and really connecting with YOUR body is important and as I mentioned, getting to know yourself and being self-reliant will carry you very far in your fitness journey and in your life.
I am often asked, “How do you stay motivated when you are training alone?”
I love to plug quality “Brain Food” into my ears while working out. If I am going for a restorative hike in the mountains, I will either enjoy the sounds of nature or listen to a podcast… something that is inspirational… motivational… or just plain entertaining and uplifting!
Hitting the weights? I love lifting with music… something that makes my heart start pumping the second I hear it. If you ever see me in the weight room, you will have to tap me on the shoulder because I am completely focused on what I am doing… IN THE ZONE.

Speaking of, IN THE ZONE… if you are a beginner and not comfortable working out by yourself yet, take comfort in these little tips that I put together for our SKFitLife Challengers:


Are you intimidated by the gym? By the weights? By the guys??? Here are your TOP 5 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD PUT YOUR HEADPHONES ON AND ROCK IT OUT IN THE GYM:

5.) The other members are either cool and just there to get their workouts in OR they are too busy checking themselves out and worrying about what others are thinking of them to even notice you.

4.) You know what you are doing and you are doing it well. Some people are trying to impress you with how “smart” they are by “helping” you. Just telling them thanks and move on. Sometimes they have valuable info (like honestly helping you with form), sometimes they are hitting on you, and sometimes they are trying to drum up business (I have had less than honest trainers do this to me, a trainer lol). If they start questioning you, just tell them, “my trainer told me to do it”. If they doubt you, just say thanks and feel free to ask me anything you like. You can also direct them to my website where I would be happy to answer their questions (www.stephaniekeenan.com)

3.) People WILL stare… if you are performing the SKFitLife Challenge training, you are doing a style of training that is not your common sets/reps/rest times. They may even ask you what/why/how. Again, refer them to me. I would be happy to answer their questions and they can contact me through my “connect” tab on my website. Just wait… these people will start to copy some of your training when they watch you transform right in front of their eyes over the 12 week period.

2.) If you feel overweight, out of shape, or just plain uncoordinated, no worries… those of us who are comfortable in the gym truly admire anyone who is just getting started. 99.9% of us have struggled with weight, experienced ups and downs in fitness levels, and were new at one time. We KNOW how much harder it is for you to walk into a gym than the already fit person.

1.) Because you can. You have the physical means to do it, the knowledge, the support system, and that goal in front of you. Be the change… do it for all the people who DON’T have this knowledge, support, drive, or physical ability. You NEVER know who is watching you and who you are inspiring. Each and every one of you is making a positive impact on someone else’s life today through your personal fitness journey.

If you would like to join us in our next 12 Week SKFitLife Challenge where you will receive monthly resistance training, weekly HIIT, an interactive 30-day meal plan, access to our private Facebook Group, and much more, check us out here: http://www.stephaniekeenan.com/training/skfitlife-challenge/new-skfitlife-challenge-informatio/

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