Nov 08

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Craving Comfort Food? The Get In Shape Girl Can Help

Do you ever feel like every weekend you let go a little and you have to start back at square one every Monday morning?

The weekends are your time to let go and have some fun, and it’s not like that stops at the kitchen. A lot of meals during the week can be routine, dull and downright boring. Constantly being on the go and you gotta pack something that will keep you full, not necessarily thinking about having a food-gasm at every snack.

But on the weekends all that changes. You have extra time and a lot of it is spent chillin’ with friends in social situations or cuddled up on the couch. So what do you do? Your blow your diet. One slice of pizza turns into another.. which turns into brownies and then you know what happens… Monday morning comes around and your stomach is so bloated you’re tying to find the baggiest of hoodies to cover up your belly. I’ve been there and I HATE THAT.

That is why my friend Kyra, The Get in Shape Girl created Comfort Foods and Tailgate Treats. We are all about eating for real life… a life we prefer to live feeling good about our bodies and being well fed. Kyra got really creative in the kitchen to create foods that will make your taste buds happy but foods that are still healthy so you don’t have to suffer the consequences on Monday. The cookbook includes things like pulled pork, chocolate chip cookies, jambalaya and even egg fried rice.

All of these recipes are bundled up in a cookbook of love just for you! These 40 recipes are super healthy and super delicious so you can have your naughty weekend foods without having to suffer the consequence of your fat pants on Mondays.. or any day!

Get the cookbook today and stop covering up your belly!!
Click Here to purchase The Get In Shape Girl’s new cookbook Comfort Foods and Tailgate Treats!!

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