Nov 13

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5 Tips to a Flatter Tummy

Now, I’m not saying you can get a six pack in 1 week, but there are ways to make your tummy appear flatter for a special occasion you might have in the near future. Just follow these tips and you will be looking more slim and trim within a week.

1.    Avoid Sodium – Processed foods tend to be high in sodium so limit the packaged products and concentrate on eating whole foods. Keep you sodium intake to 1500mg per day for the week.

2.    Fill up on Fiber – Aim for 25 grams of fiber per day from fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Not only does fiber make you feel fuller, when it combines with the water in your digestive tract, it moves everything through your system more quickly.

3.    Avoid Gassy Foods – Some foods, such as beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables can make you feel gassy and bloated, so limit your consumption until your event is over. Do not eliminate them from your diet permanently though for they are high in fiber and a great source of nutrients that your body needs.

4.    Skip Carbonated Drinks – The “fizz” in carbonated drinks traps gas in your stomach, giving you a bloated feeling and appearance. Drink water flavored with lemon or cucumber, which acts as a natural diuretic.

5.    Eat Smaller Meals– Instead of eating 3 big meals, aim for 4-6 smaller meals eaten throughout the day. Eating 3 big meals can stress your digestive system leading to a bloated stomach.

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  1. Fancy Nancy

    Great tips!!! I have so many inches to lose from my waist but these tips will help in the process!!!

  2. Tara Burner

    wonderful tips! 🙂

  3. Louise Forrester

    Some nice tips which can make a real difference to how flat your stomach appears. Can I also add posture. It may sound obvious but surprisingly most people have quite bad posture most often casued by sitting over a PC all day (myself included!). Stand tool, shoulders back and you’ll find the stomach will natural suck in more giving it a flatter appearance. Simple and easy to do.

  4. Lindsay

    Thanks for the tips. I have been trying so hard to get a flat stomach and I’ve realized it’s 100% diet. It’s definitely down from where it was but I still have a ways to go. Will try these tips.

  5. Christine@TheAums

    The hardest one for me is definitely the salt intake, but agree that diet alone makes a huge difference in the state of my belleh 😉

  6. Savvy Working Gal

    Do you have any tips to counteract salt cravings? We have a popcorn popper at work that I can’t seem to resist. I am sure it is made with a “lard” type substance and is doused in salt. Help!

    1. getfitnaturally

      Because of all the salt in processed foods, our brains become wired to want it. Research has indicated that salt and sugar can become as addictive as drugs. To lessen cravings we need to eat less salt…less processed foods and add less to our foods we come. However, for a short term solution, try taking your own snacks to work. Make some unsalted popcorn at home and bring it with you so that when you that lovely popcorn smell comes drifting down the hall, you’ll be ready for it!

  7. HeartBabyHome

    I tend to munch on stuff when I get stressed or busy. Trying to replace that with reaching for the bottled water. Salt loves me…./sniff /sniff

  8. KG

    I think this is such a problem area for so many women.
    I feel like I need like a detox or something to get rid of like excess waste.
    Any ideas?

    Email me if you have any.

  9. Sapphira Martin

    Love this!! thank you for this information!!!!! definitely going to make use of it! 😉

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