Oct 20

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The No Non-Sense Approach to Staying Warm during Winter Exercise


The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter, and there is frost on my car windows this morning…Yep fall is here. While you are enjoying the leaves changing colors and falling on the ground; Old man winter is lurking around the corner preparing to sneak up on you when you least expect it. While many people venture indoors for physical activity and exercise; some of us are still crazy enough to be outside exercising. Whether you are a dedicated runner or a weekend warrior here are a few no non-sense tips for staying warm during your winter exercise.

1. Keep your core warm: One of the most important things during your winter exercise is to keep your core warm. The best way to do that is to dress in layers; making sure the inner most layer wicks away moisture, while your outer most layer is breathable. Make sure your outer layer is wind or water resistant. Avoid water proof while exercising as they will trap the moisture near your skin causing you to overheat.

2. Stay hydrated: While everyone knows the importance of staying hydrated in the summer months, many people fail to apply that convention during the winter. Whether you are out for a run, playing a pick-up game of your favorite sport or doing a little yard work outside your body is sweating and you are losing electrolytes. Keep water handy and rehydrate yourself often.

3. Protect your head: While there is conflicting research stating whether or not the majority of heat is lost through your head. I still think it’s a good idea cover head or at least wear ear muffs when you are out in the cold.

4. Don’t forget about your digits: In the U.S. every year nearly 10,000 people suffer from frostbite. Don’t be one of those unlucky individuals! Pick-up a good pair of insulated gloves, preferable something that is also water and wind resistant. Another thing to consider is wool socks; they are warm, breathable, and wicks away moisture unlike cotton.

If you stick with my non-sense approach you will stay warmer during your winter exercise than anyone who doesn’t. Ladies and Gentle my name is Martinus, I blog at 300 Pounds and Running please stop by and say hi sometime. Follow Me: @300lbsandrunnin Like Me: facebook.com/300poundsandrunning

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  1. Yum Yucky

    I’m a naturally cold person (err, not to be confused with “cold-hearted), so I need all the tips I can get. Finally going to invest in a decent pair of fitness gloves this year. No more crappy gloves from the dollar store. O_0

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