Aug 11

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Zensah Review

I am going to admit it – even though I love trying new things – I am a creature of habit. Personally, I believe it is a time thing – the fact that I have very little of it with which to shop. I have found recently that even shopping by internet has become limited for me. So when I do have a few moments and I am in great NEED of something, I usually go with what I know works.

Well I am happy (proud) to say that I have tried a new piece of workout gear – thanks to the kind generosity of Zensah Compression Apparel.

Zensah was kind enough to send me one of their sports bras to try; and of course I was so happy they did! Zensah is probably known best for their compression sleeves and socks – happy to report – their sports bras are NOT compression. But for the most part, they do a wonderful job of keeping everything where it should be.


What I liked about the bra:

It was soft and comfortable and the double layering in the front protected me from the dreaded “headlights are one” syndrome. (TMI?)

The color was a nice pink which looked great under my black “sweatpink” tank, and I liked the detailed “puckering” pattern in the back.

The bra held me in place while I was on the treadmill; however, I’m not exactly a “busty” girl, so I’m not sure if it would work as well with someone who may be larger in the chest.

It didn’t “stick” to my sweat covered body – thank you wicking technology.

After washing several times it hadn’t faded, stretched or shrunk.

The only thing that I think would be an improvement is that they make more sizes. Right now they come in S/M and M/L, which is trying to fit too many different sizes down into just 2 groups.


Running Bra Features:

*Seamless design = no chaffing

* Anti-Bacterial

* Superior Comfort from the proprietary Zensah fabric in each Running Bra

* Thermal Regulating

* Moisture Wicking – to prevent the running bra from becoming heavy with perspiration

*Available in 10 colors


All in all, I give this product a thumbs up!


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  1. Tamara

    I have the same bra! Won it in an online giveaway!
    I haven’t worn it yet; it’s a bit too sheer to wear on it’s own (for my tastes) and all of my workout tanks have built-in bras. Guess I need to go shopping to find a tank top to wear it under!
    So soft, isn’t it?

    1. getfitnaturally

      Tamara, Yes i love how soft it is!

  2. Brittany

    I’m with you, I normally stick with the same stuff if I know it works!! HOWEVER I am still open to trying new items, this bra is SUPER cute!

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