Aug 22

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My Top 5 Gym Etiquette Rules

Or you could say my top 5 gym pet peeves, wink wink.

Whether you are a newbie or an “old pro”, from time to time, everyone needs to be reminded of a few rules in the gym. My gym doesn’t post such a list. I think that many gym owners believe that people “just know” how to behave in a crowded area with lots of heavy stuff around.

So here are my top 5 common courtesy gym rules to live by.


  1. Please do not wear perfume or cologne in the gym. Many people are sensitive to heavy smells, and let’s face it, we are doing some heavy breathing in there! Please do, however, wear deodorant.
  2. Please wipe off the equipment when you are done using it. No one wants to sit in your sweat puddle. Better yet, cut down on germs, and clean the equipment both before and after you use.
  3. Please, Please, PLEASE put the equipment back where it belongs (not necessarily where you found it). All gyms have specific spaces where equipment (weights, balls, bands, etc.) is kept. You mother does not work here and I’m not gonna clean up after you. And other people should not have to hunt down the equipment in order to work out.
  4. Learn to share. If you are doing 15 sets on one piece of equipment, learn how to let someone “work in” a set. Meaning while you are resting between sets, you allow someone else to use the apparatus during your rest. And be nice about it – no whining! And please don’t sit on the equipment socializing. If you want to carry on a conversation, move to the lobby or locker room. (Is that 2 rules?)
  5. Please don’t disrupt a class. Sometimes we run late – it happens. But if you arrive late, quietly slip into the nearest spot that you can without disturbing the rest of the class.


Bonus tip: If I am doing intervals on a treadmill, please do not get on the treadmill beside me and try to start a conversation. Unless….you…..can…..handle…..one…..word…..every……15…….seconds.


What are your favorite peeves….ur…I mean, gym etiquette tips?

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  1. Kristy @ Kristy's Health Revolution

    My biggest pet peeve is when girls (I’m not being sexist, because I’ve literally never seen a group of guys do this), come to a group fitness class and talk the ENTIRE time. I understand the power of working out with friends, but if you’re standing next to me and chit chatting the whole time, I can’t hear the instructor, and I’m pretty sure you’re not working hard enough if you can carry on a conversation.

    1. getfitnaturally

      Kristy, totally agree!

    2. kj

      OMG Kristy I thought it was me. I don’t do the machines too much (do classes) but, I use to hate when they would get machines next to each and just yap. Now I hate it in class. Unfortunately in one class the teacher encourages and does it more than us…Its SO ANNOYING.

  2. Lea

    great list! I wish more people followed these rules! 🙂

  3. Mindy @Road Runner Girl

    Love this list! These rules are just unspoken common sense but for some people you have to spell it out lol!

    1. getfitnaturally

      I know, right!

  4. Katie @ Katie moves

    agreeing with one above in that i HATE when people talk through someone else’s class who is trying to teach! so annoying… i guess that’s the teacher in me saying that haha 🙂

  5. Laura @ scribbles and sass

    I’d have to say my biggest peeves are:
    – people hogging equipment to flirt when I could be using it to workout.
    – talking to me at the gym. I’m not there to have a conversation.

    I guess for me the gym is a go in, do work, get out kind of place.

    1. getfitnaturally

      i’m the same way, get in, get it don and get out!

  6. Fancy Nancy

    I agree with all of these!!! I would add please wear appropriate attire!! You are here to work out not out for drinks!! My hubby has a shirt for the gym that says, “I’m not here to talk!”…which is ironic since we met at the gym!

  7. misszippy1@gmail.com

    Loved this. Number one has to be my biggest pet peeve. Oh and the locker room–I don’t want to see people tweezing eyebrows, dry shaving on the bench, or prancing around completely naked for an hour on end!

    1. getfitnaturally

      There is one person in our gym that plants herself at the counter in the locker room and is there no less than an hour drying her hair and putting makeup on, all the while taking phone calls! annoying.

  8. jenna

    EWW!! i seriously freak when people don’t have the courtesy to wipe a machine! i’m so with you on that!! these are all great tips… now if only we could get the world to listen!! hahaha awesome post! spalove!!!

  9. Ali

    Nothing annoys me more than when people just sit on gym equipment! I understand if you’re taking a break between reps, but there’s not need to just sit on gym equipment to text!

  10. Sana

    Don’t grunt. You are NOT HARDCORE. And wear shorts that cover the bum region.

  11. Kate

    YES! This is fantastic. My pet peeve is people not sharing (2 pull-ups, 5 minutes rest leaning against the machine). The gym brings out my loathing for other people ;-).

    I also hate people using cardio equipment next to me. It’s like toilet stalls. If there are 5 elliptical machines, and I’m on one, and the others are free, DO NOT take the one next to me.

  12. Michelle @Push.Pump.Progress

    #2 is my biggest pet peeve! totally grosses me out when people dont wipe down the equipment!

  13. Tara Burner

    #1 is huge for me..i’ve had to leave stores, movies, etc. because of the perfume/cologne/fragrance factor..I get instant migraines, etc….and i dont belong to a gym so the only sweat I workout on is my own! LOL
    but it did use to gross me out when I was in the gym

  14. Emily @ Perfection Isn't Happy

    Haha, I don’t like talking to other people while I’m running either. And I can’t stand when people wear perfume/cologne. I have allergies, and it almost makes me want to leave the gym!

  15. Keitha Leury

    Great list! I work out at a small gym and can no longer go in between 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. because there is a group of 6 that hogs the entire freeweight/universal machine/max rack area. Soooo annoying. They stand around, drop weights, and grunt really loud. Loud grunting is one of my biggest gym pet peeves!

  16. Pricilla J.

    I love this! People sometimes do need a reminder on how to conduct themselves when sharing spaces. I completely understand your tip on not wearing perfume. When I’m around a strong perfume smell I instantly get dizzy.

    Stopping by from SITS!


  17. ThisBakerGirlBlogs

    Totally agree with everything!
    Thanks so much for stopping by, returning the favour and looking forward to reading lots more 😀

  18. Clarinda @ Enjoying the Course

    I don’t tend to visit the gym, but these are great rules to remember!

  19. Lynn Kellan

    One of my pet peeves is the whole “I’m checking you out” thing that happens at gyms. Some guys check girls out like we are parading around in the hopes of getting a date, and some girls check each other to see who is the prettiest. That’s why I sometimes feel like wearing a paper bag over my head at the gym. 🙂

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