Aug 20

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I Tried a new Workout!

Last week I had a couple of workouts that I felt weren’t up to par. Sometimes that happens. My body was more tired than I thought. So on Saturday I wanted to make up for it by doing a whole body routine. I found this workout in my latest issue of Experience Life magazine. (You can see a video of it here.)

I really enjoyed this workout. It is called a Metabolic Training workout which is a form of circuit training that combines multijoint exercises (such as pushups, kettlebell swings and Olympic lifts), with just a few seconds in between, allowing your heart rate to stay slightly elevated. However, if you are lifting heavy, you should allow 60 seconds between sets, according to Alwyn Cosgrove. If you rest more, your heart rate slows down too much, effecting the fat burning process and if you allow less time, your muscles may not recover enough to push enough weight to challenge your muscles.

I have never done a barbell squat to overhead shoulder press before now. Before you gasp, let me explain that I have done the move with dumbbells. I wasn’t sure this move was going to do much for me because I squat more weight than I push with a barbell on the overhead press. Therefore, I was limited by what I could press. Most of the time when I do shoulder presses with the barbell I am sitting (to reduce risk of injury) so I limited myself to just the 45lb bar for this routine.

I must say that, all moves combined, gave me a nice workout. I could feel all worked muscles the next day. This was a great reminder to myself that changing up the way you work out is a great way to keep challenging muscles.


Also, I got a new phone last week that allows me to take screen shots  – which is what I did with this workout – I love it!


How do you change up your routines?

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  1. Jenna

    Your new workout sounds awesome!! I’ve been recently doing a bit less cardio and adding in more strength training! Spa love!

  2. Jenna

    Have you tried crossfit before? Crossfit workouts are done in a circuit-training way like this one and they keep your heart rate elevated throughout the entire workout!

    1. getfitnaturally

      I have not tried it but really want to! I have been working a program for several months but loved this change-up so i think i’ll do something different next Sat also. do you have a favorite crossfit workout?

  3. Suzi

    Looks like not only did you get a new phone, but you got a new iPhone 🙂

    I’ve been in a terrible rut of all cardio no strength (due to the classes I teach which are all cardio, and when you’re teaching 10+ classes/week it’s hard to fit in extra workouts of your own) and am hoping to change that now that I’ve made some changes to my schedule. Everytime I see people post their strength workouts I’m a tad jealous!

    1. getfitnaturally

      Haha, I did get an iphone and i’m lovin’ it! Going to try and do videos with it also. Hope you get some weights in soon!

  4. KymberlyFunFit

    I too enjoy taking screen shots now that I have a smart phone! Fun, eh? Do you ever do group fitness classes in a gym or club? So many fun ones! http://funandfit.org/the-ultimate-playlist-of-your-fit-life/

    1. getfitnaturally

      Hi Kim! On occasion i’ve taken a strength/cardio class, which i did find fun – oh and a kickboxing class, now that one was a hoot because i didn’t think i’d make it till the end. I find that i have a hard time getting my schedule to fit with the class schedules though.

  5. Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness

    I can’t wait to get my new phone! No more droid!

    To change my routine I do exactly what you did and try new things. Maybe a different DVD for strength or a different route for running.

  6. Jessica Grace

    I wish I was that motivated.

    1. getfitnaturally

      Jessica – you can be! Follow my fb page for motivation!

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