May 18

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When you are working hard to reach your goals you need to reward yourself for all the hard work you are doing. It helps to keep you motivated – which at times is a tough thing find. Today we are announcing a giveaway from Tina Steinberg Designs.

Love this necklace – i know we have some hot mama’s following this blog!

Tina Steinberg has generously offered a $50 gift certificate towards any of her pieces of jewelry. She has some wonderful necklaces and bracelets! She also offers Chica Charms – which I love – and you can personalize you own!
To enter, please follow instructions. The first 2 are mandatory.
1.       Visit the website and come back here to leave a comment on what pieces you like.
2.       “Like” Tina Steinberg Designs on Facebook and tell them Get Fit sent you.
For extra entries:
1.       Follow this blog and leave a comment telling me so – counts as 3 entries!
2.       Follow Get Fit on Facebook.
3.       Follow Get Fit Fitness Reviews on Facebook.
4.       Follow @getfitchick on twitter.
5.-7.   Tweet this giveaway, share giveaway on facebook, or blog about it.
That’s a total of 10 possible entries!
Contest period ends:  Friday, May 25th, midnight (Eastern time)
Saturday, May 26th, I’ll draw a name using the top hat drawing generator and announce the winner here on the blog and on facebook! I will also email the winner at the address posted. You’ll have one week (7 days) to respond to my email or another winner will be chosen.
Remember winners MUST be a Facebook friend of Tina Steinberg. Please remember blog comments are moderated so there may be a slight delay (up to a few hours) in seeing your comment/entry post. Giveaway is open to anyone in the United States (48 contiguous, Alaska & Hawaii).

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  1. Push.Pump.Progress

    I LOVE the lockets! so unique!

  2. Push.Pump.Progress

    i liked tina steinberg on facebook

  3. Push.Pump.Progress

    i already follow your awesomeness on facebook

  4. Push.Pump.Progress

    i just liked get fit reviews on facebook!

  5. Push.Pump.Progress

    i now follow you on twitter!

    there are all of my entries! 🙂

  6. Running In Boise

    I really like the Be You. They are all pretty though.

  7. mom2m4boys

    Wow so many cute things. My fav’s would probably be the finger prints or the ‘I am not afraid, i was born to do this’ fun stuff!

  8. mom2m4boys

    i liked them on FB

  9. mom2m4boys

    i liked them on FB

  10. mom2m4boys

    I already like you on FB

  11. Tara Burner

    I love the Dum Spiro Spero Necklace “while I breathe I hope”

  12. Tara Burner

    I liked Tina’s FB page and said you sent me 🙂

  13. Tara Burner

    I sub to your blog via email (tara@taraburner.com)

  14. Tara Burner

    I like Get Fit Naturally on FB 🙂

  15. Tara Burner

    I like Get Fit Reviews on FB too

  16. Tara Burner

    I follow getfitchick on twitter via @taraburner

  17. Kim@Chubby Cheeks Thinks

    I love the Little Things Charm! Super cute!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m following you back!


  18. Stephanie

    I love the Love Touch Duo!

  19. Jill

    While I breathe I hope”. “Dum spiro spero necklace!

  20. Jill

    I just signed up to follow you via Email

  21. Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

    I love the Little Love Charmer! So cute!

  22. Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

    I like Tina on Facebook!

  23. Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

    I follow your blog!

  24. Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

    I follow you on Twitter!

  25. KimJo

    My favorite design is the ‘Love Locker’ Heart Locket with Word/Name Charmette. Beautiful!

  26. KimJo

    My favorite design is the ‘Love Locker’ Heart Locket with Word/Name Charmette.

  27. KimJo

    I follow your blog.

  28. Zoe Lee

    I loove love the fingerprint jewelry,.so special and different..very cool pieces 🙂

    madforfashion at aol.com


  29. Zoe Lee

    I like ts designs on facebook and said hello 🙂

    Zoe hunter lee

  30. Zoe Lee

    I follow your blog 🙂

    zoe hunter lee

  31. Zoe Lee

    I follow get fit on facebook

    zoe hunter lee

  32. Zoe Lee

    I follow get fit fitness reviews on fb

    zoe hunter lee

  33. Zoe Lee

    I follow you on twitter

  34. Unknown

    Circle of Love Locket & Direct Yourself are my faves!

  35. Anonymous

    I like Tina’s facebook page! Amanda Fox

  36. Anonymous

    I follow you on facebook-woot! Amanda Fox

  37. leafynotbeefy.com

    I love her fingerprint necklaces – so unique and beautiful 🙂

  38. leafynotbeefy.com

    I already like Tina on Facebook

  39. leafynotbeefy.com

    I follow you on Facebook as well

  40. leafynotbeefy.com

    I follow you on Twitter also

  41. Anonymous

    I follow on Facebook and i love the SPIRIT COLLECTION

  42. Anonymous

    I heart these ‘mamtras’! What great personal motivation! “everyday we are new”; “as I breathe I hope”; “I am not afraid – I was made for this” simple awsome!

  43. Carissa Centers

    Liked your page “get fit reviews” LOVE IT!

  44. carissa centers

    I Love the “she shoots” charm! So cute!

  45. carissa centers

    Following you on pinterest and “liked” Tina’s page on FB! Told her you sent me! 🙂

  46. Jordana Dec

    the 2 mandatory ones are done.
    I love the finger print collection!
    I would get my son’s print.

    I also like you on facebook
    Jordana Dec

  47. Vee

    I LOVE the spirit collection!
    The “Joan of Arc” pieces are my favorite.

    I’ve followed all the rules! 🙂

    Victoria VanHolder

  48. Lori

    Hi!! First of all, love the jewellery, especially all the tags, such inspiring words. “I am not afraid, while I breathe, I hope.” Beautiful!
    Second, I liked her on facebook, I already follow Get Fit, and now I follow Get Fit Fitness Reviews and on twitter as well, I even went as far as to follow you on pinterest!!! 🙂 Thanks for the oppurtunity and I hope I win!!!!!!! 🙂

  49. Vee

    I’m also following your blog now.
    I’ve been following you on FB for awhile now, had no idea you had a blog. 🙂
    I love the inspiration you provide!

  50. JenniferADavis

    I am following all of the above..

  51. Madison M.

    I am a NEW Follower of this blog!

  52. Brittany

    Love the It Starts Within necklace!

  53. Madison M.

    Im a NEW follower

  54. Madison M.

    I like the Grow Strong Charm!

  55. Madison M.

    Get Fit Sent Me to Your blog!! Glad I stumbled upon it!

  56. Brittany

    Liked Tina and you on FB and follow you on twitter!

  57. Madison M.

    I’m a new follower of Get Fit on Facebook!

  58. Laurel C

    I like the Spirit Collection, especially the “Found My Way” necklace!

  59. Laurel C

    I liked tina steinberg on Facebook!

  60. Laurel C

    I like your Facebook page too!

  61. Laurel C

    I’m already a blog follower!!

  62. Laurel C

    I like Get-Fit Fitness Reviews on Facebook too!

  63. Laurel C

    And I follow you on twitter!

  64. Anonymous

    I liked your page, already liked Get Fit, will get on twitter to follow and Get Fit sent me. I love the Hot Moma and fingerprints pendants. Also love a lot the I am not afriad, I was born to do this because it was the famous quote from Joan of Arch before she went into battle!!

    Dallas Daigle

  65. Anonymous

    Love the Joan of Arc quotes!!!

  66. Anonymous

    Love the ones with the Joan of Arc necklace. So inspirational.

  67. Anonymous

    I forgot to add my name to the post. Jacqueline Cuevas : ) again I love the Joan of Arc one is my favorite. On my weight loss journey it would be awesome to own something like this to remind me how strong I really am.

  68. Karie

    There’s so much to like, sterling silver is so beautiful. I love charms, so I guess I’d say the “grow stronger” leaf or the wishing well charm are my particular favorites.

  69. Karie

    There’s so much to like, sterling silver is beautiful. But I love charms, so I guess I’d say the “grow stronger” leaf and the “wishing well” are my particular favorites. I already like/follow all your other stuff, as you know.

  70. Alicia Cox

    I love the “I am not afraid, i was born to do this” line.

  71. Alicia Cox

    I liked on facebook!

  72. Alicia Cox

    I followed your blog on GFC!

  73. Alicia Cox

    I liked get fit on facebook!

  74. Alicia Cox

    I followed @getfitchick on twitter!

  75. Alicia Cox


    I shared on my facebook page!

  76. Robbyn Ackner

    Love the Spirit Collection. Actually the whole site is beautiful, but I loved the Spirit.

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