May 12

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Warm weather is here and the sleeves are coming off! It’s time to show off those shapely shoulders.
I love the look of sexy round shoulders and they are my favorite body part to work in the gym. If you need to shape yours up a bit, give this work out a try. Make sure that you use enough weight to be challenging without compromising form. Shoulders are easy to injure so it is better to go a little lighter until they become stronger. You can do this work out twice in one week, leaving 3-4 days in between.
You may never have heard of the Cuban Raise, but it is a great way to strengthen your rotator cuffs. It can be done with dumbbells, curl bar, or a straight bar. You do not need to use a heavy weight while doing this exercise.
If you choose to use a bar for the overhead press, check this video.  Click on the name of the exercise and it will take you to a video.

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  1. Laura @ Mommy run fast

    These are great shoulder tips! I’ve finally been more consistent with weights the last year and am enjoying seeing a little more definition in my shoulders, though I still have a ways to go!

  2. Kari

    Great ideas! I rarely think about my shoulders (in an exercise sense…) but will take some tips from here.

  3. Adri

    Thanks for the shout out!
    These are great, truth is shoulders is probably one of the last muscles I think about. Let’s work ’em!

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