Feb 01

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Today marks the first anniversary of the “Get Fit Naturally” blog. To celebrate we are sponsoring a month long challenge to help you keep on track with your fitness resolutions.
 We have teamed up with several sponsors including: Body Rock Sport, Blended Yoga, Blueprint Body Designs, Click Espresso Protein Drink, Endorphin Warrior Jewelry, Gym Girl, Harbinger Fitness, Beachbody Coach Natalie Rapp Tuman of My Think Fit, and yours truly, Emerald Express.
We will be giving away 3 prize packages, one package every 9-10 days. Because the prizes are so good, we are going to make you work a little for it. You will need to read the rules and follow the mandatory instructions first, after that, all you have to do is work out! That’s right – work out; for every workout you complete, you will get one entry. Come back daily and leave a comment about what your workout included, such as “today I trained shoulders and abs” or “I ran 5 miles”. 
Make sure to leave your name and your email at least once so we have a way to contact you. We will also announce the winner on the blog as well as facebook and twitter.
The first prize will be for the days Feb. 1 – Feb. 10, the second will run Feb. 11 – Feb. 20th, and the third, Feb. 21st  – Feb. 29th.
First up are the prizes from Action Whey, BodyRock Sport, and Endorphin Warrior Jewelry.
Action Whey Protein Powder is an organic protein powder providing you with a great recovery drink after your workouts
BodyRock Sport designs and sells women’s fitness clothing that is not only fashionable but functional. The garments have a bevy of amazing features, including inner structure for optimal support, waterproof pockets, ipod pockets, side zippers for easy removal, tagless labels, Swarovski crystals and studs.
Endorphin Warrior designs products with positive and powerful messaging to wear while running, cycling, working out, sweating, racing – or all day long – to help you stay strong-minded, focused and motivated.

Now, to be eligible to win these items, the following is MANDATORY:
1.   Follow this blog via Google Friend Connect or Networked Blogs
2.   “Like” BodyRock Sport and Endorphin Warrior Jewelry on facebook. Leave a comment that “Get Fit” sent you.
3.   Each day that you work out, come to this post and leave a comment about your workout.
That’s it. Simple enough right? I mean, you are going to work out anyway, right? You may as well get a reward for it!
If you would like an extra entry or two, you can:
Follow BodyRock Sport on twitter
Follow Endorphin Jewelry on twitter
Share this post on facebook
Tweet about it – using this post’s URL
Share this giveaway on your blog.
Wow – that’s 7 additional entries you can get – all without working out!
The winner will have 7 days to respond, if they fail to do so, the person with the second most entries will be announced the winner. Giveaway is open to anyone in the United States (48 contiguous, Alaska & Hawaii.)
Now, for the Workout Wednesday Workout
30-20-10 full-body circuit:
Warmup: 100 Jumping Jacks
30 bicycle crunches
30 pushups
30 sumo squats
30 side lying tricep extensions
30 curtsy lunges
* Repeat entire circuit doing each exercise 20 times each, then repeat again doing each exercise 10 times each

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  1. TakinBackMyLife

    Hmmm, I have liked Body Rock and left my post but when I click on Endorphin Warrior Jewelry it takes me to my news feed. I tried to search them and they don’t appear in the search results. I went to their site and clicked their FB tab and it took me to my news feed again. You should let them know their link is down or page is inactivated. Looks like they have neat stuff!

  2. Meylin

    Super excited with this challenge!! :))

  3. J A M

    Challenge – I did the rapture WOD today with a 42#snatch and my time was 20:04…after 100 walking plunges yesterday…legs are sore!!

    1. J A M

      Lunges! Not plunges….

  4. J A M

    Challenge today… I did the rapture WOD today! With a 42# snatch and my time was 20:04 after 100 walking plunges yesterday, my legs are on fire!!! Feeling good though!

  5. JennMiller1

    Seems my last post disappeared? Anyway, workout today was 35 min of Chalean Extreme circuit strength training and Chalean Extreme Abs, 20 min 🙂

  6. mom2m4boys

    My workout this morning was 1 hour of bootcamp – consisting mainly of kickboxing, legs, abs and triceps and then after class a 15 min run.

  7. Ang @ FitMamaWannabe and Paparazzi Accessories

    What a fun challenge! I’m excited. This morning I did 50 minutes. Pink Method phase 2 Cardio w/ weights and Yoga Core. Yay!

  8. Gina Bean

    I do a BootCamp workout on an average of 6 days a week. Today we worked arms and some core, along with cardio and plyometric exercises. It was a very diverse routine today!

    I love our BootCamp because the routine/circuit changes every day. All I have to do is show up, and our instructor has the routine set up. It is nice to be surprised each day and constantly have a change up. LOVE IT!

  9. Casey

    Love challenges…got all the bases covered to be entered…twitter, facebook..and now the challenge.

  10. Casey

    Today I had 30 minute bootcamp class, 30 minutes on treadmill, and 30 minutes strength training…

  11. Shannon Hagen

    Kettle Bell Workout at 12 and again at 6:30 with extra Core!

  12. Anna

    I went to the gym after work today. I did an hour of step aerobics, then I did the 30/20/10 posted for today, with a couple of modifications. I didn’t feel my form was correct with the curtsey lunge so I did regular lunges, same with the triceps, I did a tricep curl with weights. Day 1 done!

  13. Leslie K.

    I did 15 minutes of karate basics, followed by 15 minutes of kata training. In between sets of kata were 10 pushups/10 situps. (I vary the types of pushups and situps I do each time). Sweat galore!

  14. Gina Bean

    Today at Boot Camp we did a mix of cardio/plyometrics.

  15. mom2m4boys

    Workout this morning was kickboxing and tons of core 🙂

  16. Tiffany

    Tiffany:: mack.tiffany@gmail.com

    Feb 1 work out was crossfit bear complex 5 rounds::clean bar to front squat push press over head back squat push press back over head for 7 reps=1 round

    Good stuff

    Feb 2nd workout crossfit 91 kettlebell swings and 91 burpees

  17. Ang @ FitMamaWannabe and Paparazzi Accessories

    Today did 30 minutes of Strength exercises for the upper body. I better get dang nice arms after that…whew it was good! (did it with Pink Method Phase 2 Strength upper) Love it!

  18. Casey

    Challenge today….swam 30 minutes, speed intervals, walked 30 minutes, yoga 1 hour

  19. J A M

    One mile run 6:33 and 150 doubleunders!!

  20. Gwen

    15 minutes core, 30 minutes strength (whole body), pliometrics

  21. Fantastic

    15 minutes cardio blast, 8 min abs, 15 min walk during my lunch break!

  22. Anna

    Day 2. I did workout C. Whew!!! I was only able to make it through the circuits twice in 30 min. Finished up with 25 sit ups. I’m a sweaty mess. Going to go shower and hit the books. Thanks for an amazing workout!

  23. JennMiller1

    I posted yesterday too but I don’t see it here? Anyway, did Chalean Burn Intervals and 50 kettlebell swings yesterday…..today is Chalean Extreme Push Circuit 3, 15min abs and another 50 swings 🙂

  24. Gwen

    Today is all about HIIT…cardio & strength all in one…yes please! gwensolum@gmail.com

  25. wyldrunner

    Posting my workout from last night. Ran 8.5 miles: 4 fast on my own and 4.5 slower with a friend who is training for her first marathon.

  26. Ang @ FitMamaWannabe and Paparazzi Accessories

    Ran 3.35 miles today. Do I just keep posting it on this Post or on any post on your blog?? 🙂

  27. Tiffany

    150 90 60 30 jump rope and 50 40 30 20 10 sit ups maxed out at 200# back squat

  28. Amy

    Today was bootcamp and a 20 minute run. Great way to start the morning

  29. Willow

    Feb 1 workout- kettlebells (45 min class) lots of lunges and swings

  30. Willow

    Feb 2 workout- a plyo-kick class and a bootcamp style class with kettlebells and railyard exercises

  31. Willow

    Feb 3 workout- lifted today. I did an asst of muscle groups since I didnt lift yesterday. Did lots of abs on trx, and incline situps holding a 45 plate, heavy bicep curls and biceps on the cable machine. then triceps on cable machine supersetted with overhead triceps holding 35 plate. taking it easy the rest of the day because I have a big workout tomorrow

  32. Rachaella

    Kata slow and precise with dynamic movement, 10 pushups, 10 situps after each kata. I did 10 kata this way. (Kata is a series of movements done in a particular way as if defending oneself from an attacker!)

  33. Anne G

    Super excited for this challenge: 30 minute run, 20 pushups, 50 squats, 20 minutes jump rope

  34. J A M

    Did 75 reps of 35# hangpower snatch in 2:50 with a 10:00 time limit my arms are on fire!

  35. JennMiller1

    Just finished TurboFire HIIT 20 and my Sweaty Betty 50 kettlebell swings with a 30lb bell 🙂

    jennifer miller

  36. Astrid

    Ran 3 miles 3 X 30 rear lunges
    3X30 bicycle crunches,3X20 squat jumps, 3×10 pushups, 3×15 tricep dips

  37. J A M

    135# deadlift and wallball shots with a 16# med. ball. followed by box jumps. hello legs!!!

  38. Willow

    Today’s workout – yoga at 8 am and a boot camp at 9. We used lots of band exercises, wall sits holding kettlebells out in front of us, rail yard, heavy kettlebell rows, etc.

  39. Willow

    Yoga at 8 boot camp at 9. Not sure if my first post went through (I’m turning it in from my phone today)

  40. wyldrunner

    Great run today! Michigan was sunny and beautiful. 12.11 miles in 1:42. Felt strong. The P90X is paying off!

  41. Leslie K.

    Day 3- did a 60 minute karate class with basics and kumite drills. Did pushups and situps, as well as jumping jacks and slow jogging in intervals. RachaellaBard@gmail.com

  42. Ang @ FitMamaWannabe and Paparazzi Accessories

    Ran 3.36 miles today. 🙂

  43. Amy

    Just enjoyed a nice 3 mile run, beautiful Saturday!

  44. JennMiller1

    today is an active rest day for me so it will snowshoeing with my boys and maybe some yoga 🙂 Have a great Superbowl Sunday everyone!! jennmiller1@hotmail.com
    jenn miller

  45. J A M

    Two mile run followed up with 200 doubleunders with my new jump rope!

    1. J A M

      Jennifer mormile.

  46. Anna

    So Friday turned into an unscheduled DOR. I was pretty sore and decided to seize the warm day and went for a quick round of disc golf after work instead of going to the gym. Saturday I went on a 1:45 hike. It’s 1,000 feet elevation change, so it wasn’t light exercise!

    Today I’ve been cramming for midterms since I woke up. Plan on doing one of the suggested workouts before the day is done. Will check back later!

    Happy Fit Sunday!

  47. wyldrunner

    No run today, but I put in probably a few miles of walking volunteering at a local Super Bowl 5k race. Fun to volunteer and give back.

  48. Rachaella

    100 kata challenge- 5 different karate kata x 20. After every 5 kata, 5 pushups and 5 situps for 100 each 🙂

  49. J A M

    Today was intense! Competition mode… 10 rounds of 10 75# power clean, 5 burpee box jumps, and 1 wall climb… ohh monday.

    Jen mormile

  50. Tiffany

    Dead Lifts, Barbell Curls


    AMRAP 8

    10 Double Unders

    5 Right Arm DB Snatches(AHAP)

    10 T2B

    5 Left Arm DB Snatches

  51. Tiffany


    Double Unders

    Sit Ups
    from Friday

  52. Astrid

    30 min amrap-posted on @Better Believe Fit page, then added arms 4X15 curls, kick backs, tricep ext, concentration curls…working on my guns LOL

  53. JennMiller1

    Chalean Extreme Push Phase 1, HIIT 20 and 50 kettlebell swings with a 25lb bell. 😉

  54. Dawnique

    I liked both of the facebook pages and my workout for today was 1 hour of water aerobics :0)

  55. Amy

    Did one hour of step aerobics. 1 hour of weight training and a 20 minute jog.

  56. wyldrunner

    Did 4 easy miles in 35:56. Was also supposed to be doing a P90X upper body, but just was not feeling like I could “bring it” so will do that tomorrow.

  57. Leslie K.

    Oddly enough, I am posting under “Rachaella” and “Leslie K”…no clue what happened…

    Anyway, today was a rest day, but after eating lunch with a friend, I had her drop me off at a store downtown about 2 miles from my office building and I walked back!

  58. Tiffany

    This am 25 sit ups, 7 push ups and 20s plank part of my morning ab routine

    tonight AMRAP 8

    8 kettle bell swings
    8 20″ box jumps
    8 14lb wall balls

  59. Ang @ FitMamaWannabe and Paparazzi Accessories

    Did Cross fit last night for 1 hour!

  60. Ang @ FitMamaWannabe and Paparazzi Accessories

    This morning did Body Rock’s challenge, day 1 fit test.

  61. J A M

    Back squats today! Concentrated on the negative …105# 7 sets followed by Ring dips, jumping squats, and mountain climbers tabata style …

  62. Dawnique

    today is my day off but i will still be walking at least 5miles around campus

  63. JennMiller1

    Hi! I did TurboFire Fire 30 and 50 kettlebell swings today 🙂

    Following you on FB and on twitter! 🙂

  64. Suz and Allan

    My comment from 2/2 didn’t post it doesn’t look like. I follow your blog and liked both fb pages. On 2/2 I ran 2 miles for Maine Mom on the Run Virtual Run.

  65. Suz and Allan

    Follow you on twitter @Suz4AU0608
    Like your fb page
    Follow Endorphin on twitter

    I didn’t know if you wanted these left as one comment or separate so let me know if I should have done it differently!

  66. Anna

    So, I didn’t make it to the gym as anticipated last night. Life happened. I did get in a 30 min walk up a very steep hill during my lunch so at least I got some exercise. Tonight is cardio pump at the gym. Can’t wait! Step class with weights – my favorite day of the week!

  67. Amy

    Bootcamp bright and early this morning

  68. Willow

    Yesterdays workout- 45 min bootcamp- included railyard, thick jump ropes, bands, and kettlebells. It was a toughie!

  69. Leslie K.

    Today’s workout was 30 minutes of kata and then I taught students for about 30 minutes. Fun!

  70. Ang @ FitMamaWannabe and Paparazzi Accessories

    Cross fit tonight, weighted step ups, knees to elbows, farmers walks 7 rounds for time. Whew!

  71. Anna

    Whew! I love cardio pump! 50 min of cardio intermittent weight lifting and about 10 min of abs. Class was packed!


  72. Tiffany

    Tonights an off night from crossfit so I did my morning ab routine for Feb 30 sit ups, 7 push ups and 30s planks

  73. Ang @ FitMamaWannabe and Paparazzi Accessories

    This morning did the Body rock 300 rep challenge and ABs. Wahoo!

  74. JennMiller1

    Did Chalean Extreme Push Circuit 2 and TurboFire Core 20. Also did the extra 50 kb swings 🙂

  75. Amy

    Sweated it out with a great bootcamp class this morning. Then did a little extra run and some bicep work.

  76. Willow

    Feb 7 workout- Srints/ relays with steel bell lifts at one end before you sprint back. 45 min- such a blast!!!! Nothing gets your heart rate up like the adrenaline from racing with people!
    this mornings workout- squats with the hubby- he beat his record with 310 lbs and I beat mine with 175 lbs. We also did some stiff leg dead lifts. Kettlebell class tonight- will post about it tomorrow 🙂

  77. wyldrunner

    Did my lactate threshold workout. 7 miles total, with 3.1 at lactate threshold pace. Fitness is improving! It felt easy this week, despite the fact I am pretty sure I am catching my husband’s cold.

  78. J A M

    Rest day today….but with a ten hour work day and walk to the park, actively resting! 🙂

  79. Anna

    Did my own circuit tonight – made up with a bunch of exercises from the fat burning challenge on this page. 40 min.

  80. Leslie K.

    Short workout today due to other obligations, but I got my sweat on! Did a warmup of katas, followed by bagwork using my HIIT timer (8 sets of 20 sec hard work, 10 sec rest), then a slow cooldown with more kata and a half speed pace. Finished up with shoulder presses, lat pulldowns, and cable rows.

  81. JennMiller1

    Today was Chalean Extreme Burn Intervals (HR monitor said I burned 646 cals….even if its off a little I’m happy with that!) and my 50kb swings for the Sweaty Betties!


  82. Tiffany

    30 sit ups, 8 push ups and 30s plank to start my morning off

    then off to crossfit for
    21- 15- 9
    push press at 75#

  83. J A M

    Row for calories for five min then…three rounds of 10 pull ups ..15 thrusters with 45#.. 25 calories on rower… looking forward to my last workout of the week tomorrow before my birthday!!

  84. Dawnique

    Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 and 5mi walk

  85. Ang @ FitMamaWannabe and Paparazzi Accessories

    Did Body Rock this morning for 20 minutes.

  86. Willow

    Kettlebell class last night- ooo boy was it tough!!! heavy double kb swings and swing/clings and swing/cling/squats

  87. Leslie K.

    Taught a karate class today and then took a weapons class focusing on bo and sai. Thanks goodness the upper body workouts have been helping me! No more quivering arms after holding a big stick for an hour!

  88. J A M

    I did 5 round of 10 pushups, pullups,squats, and rowed for 1800 meters @ 8 minutes today…a last blast before the end of a great week!!! Happy Friday 🙂


  89. Tiffany

    10 rounds for 10 of:

    10 sit ups
    10 push ups

    started the morning off with 35 sit ups 9 push ups and 35s planks

  90. JennMiller1

    Last day of the Push Phase for me! So today was Push Circuit 3, abs and 50 kb swings for the Sweaty Betties! 😉

  91. Amy

    1 hour ball/weight workout followed by 15 min HIIT training 🙂

  92. Willow

    feb 9th workout- half an hour strengh training in the a.m. (shoulders) and 2 tough workouts at night plyo-kick (kind of like kick boxing with a bunch of plyometrics) and then a circuit style bootcamp. tricep pushups with dumbell tricep kickback, pull ups, pull ups with knee ups, trx high jumps, kettlebell high pulls and jamball slams.

  93. Willow

    todays workout- heavy back and bicpes day- oh yeah!!! (40 min long)

  94. Ang @ FitMamaWannabe and Paparazzi Accessories

    Ran 3.77 miles today.

  95. wyldrunner

    Still sick but ran 4.5 miles. Felt good running but felt really horrible after.

  96. Tiffany

    Ran 1000 m
    Box jumps
    1 legged bear crawl
    25 kettle bell swings
    Burpee broad jumps
    Run 200 m w a 35# dumbbell on shoulder

  97. Tiffany

    450 m row
    45 thrusters 45#
    45 sumo deadlift high pulls 45#
    45 deadlifts 45#

  98. Tiffany

    Warm Up
    35 jumping jacks
    10 shoulder pass throughs
    15 oh squats
    10 push ups
    5 dead hang pull ups

    Push press 8/8/8
    DB Tricep Extensions 12/12/12

    AMRAP 12
    12 Box Jumps 20 in
    6 Thrusters 65#
    6 Bar Facing Burpees

  99. Tiffany

    Squat Clean 8/8/8

    Chin Ups 10/10/10


    10 Rounds
    3- Hang power cleans (165/115)
    15 DUs

  100. Tiffany


    7 mins of straight burpees

    push press and shurgs for strength

  101. Tiffany

    Row 250M

    goblet squat(hold for 30 secs)

    hip mobility-alternatex3

    wide grip dead hang chin up-hold for 30 secs


    Box Squat 5/5/5

    Chin Ups 3x max reps


    8 hang full snatch (155/85)

    run to bottom of the parking lot

    6 hang full snatch

    200M run

    4 hang full snatch

    400M Run

    2 hang full snatch

    run small loop

  102. Tiffany


    Front Squat 3 sets of 5

    Side Delt Raises 3 sets of 8


    Every Min On The Min for 12 min

    5 Burpee Squat Clean Thrusters 65#

    Drop down to a burpee with hands in the barbell, bring feet in to prep for squat clean and then up to finish thruster

  103. Tiffany

    Walking lunges with barbell on back 3 sets of 8

    20 mins of Cindy for as many rounds as possible
    5 pull ups
    10 push ups
    15 squats

    I completed 13 rounds in 20 min with band assisted pull ups and hand released push ups

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