Sep 01

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Quick and Effective At-Home Cardio Workout

Children are returning to classes and time is crunched, but you can still get in a quick and fat burning cardio routine.
Jumping Jacks 30 seconds
Rest                       20 seconds
Burpees                  10-12
Rest                       20 seconds
Power Jacks             30 seconds
Rest                       20 seconds
Jumps Squats           30 seconds
Rest                       20 seconds
Mountain Climbers     30 seconds
Repeat 2-3 times
For video of power jack, click here: Power Jack

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  1. Mrs. No-No

    awesome! awesome!
    I love the idea of having a place where I can easily come and “check in” on what I can be doing to help stay in shape….and quick and effective is right up my alley!! Thanks!
    Have a great holiday!

    Mrs. NoNo Knows

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