Aug 17

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Workout Plan

When developing an exercise routine, it is helpful to have a goal in mind. This helps turn a fitness routine into a habit, keeps you focused, and helps to ensure success. Begin by recording your weight and body measurements such as arms, chest, abs, hips and thighs. Then take a photo of yourself. These things will help you to measure your progress.
Working out, no matter what your goal, should be fairly challenging each time. Don’t get discouraged if you have days that you can’t seem to lift as much. Your routines will vary depending on energy levels and other factors; just keep lifting! If you find that you have two days in a row in which you are struggling, your body may be fatigued and need a day of rest. Take a day or two off and then try again.
It is a good idea to develop a plan that you can work for 4-6 weeks. After that time, you want to change things so that your muscles will continue to be challenged.
Here is an example of a 4 week plan.
Week 1: Strength. Focus on 1-2 body parts per workout, lifting enough weight to max out at 6-8 reps.
Week 2: Hypertrophy. Focus on 1-2 body parts per workout, lifting enough weight to max out at 8-12 reps.
Week 3: Endurance. Focus on 1-2 body parts per workout, lifting enough weight to max out at 20-25 reps.
Week 4: Fat Loss. Focus: Do full body workouts 3 times, using circuit style or supersets, resting only after each circuit or superset. This will keep your heart rate increased and fat burning at a maximum.
Weeks 1-3, perform cardio after workouts. Week 4, perform cardio on alternate days of workouts.
So pick a goal, write your plan, keep a journal and WORK IT!

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  1. Michelle

    I really need to do this!

  2. Anonymous

    I want arms like that!!!

  3. Undercover Dieting

    I’m so with you on setting goals! I think that has been maybe the most important things you can do! It really helps me get where I want.

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