Aug 26

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Welcome to Fitness Friday!

It is important to have a goal when planning your workouts. I decided to plan my workouts for the next 4 weeks. Each week will have a different focus, with the ultimate goal of building some strength and muscle.
Week 1 – Work 1-2 body parts per day, with a heavy weight for 6-8 reps, do one full body workout per week, and cardio 3 times, 2 of which will be interval training
Week 2 – Work 1-2 body parts per day, with a weight that allows 8-10 reps, do one full body workout, and cardio 3 times, 2 will be intervals
Week 3 – Work each body part 2 times by working Upper body one day, Lower body the next, Cardio 4 times, 2 being intervals
Week 4 – Do full body circuit training every other day. On non working days, do cardio and abs.
The first two weeks are full strength and muscle, the second 2 weeks are for endurance and fat loss.
A further breakdown will be planning each weeks exercises. Having the plan ready and available will keep me focused with a greater chance of success.

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  1. Athletes4life

    Great suggestions!

  2. AnMiSu

    I found you from the Fitness Friday blog hop. I think it’s great that you’ve got your next 4 weeks planned out. I’m someone that needs to write down things and have a plan, it’s what works best for me. Enjoy your workouts!

  3. Courtney

    love your workouts each week! i am so excited to add more strength training into my workouts when i am done with my half marathon! i love weight training! I also think planning ahead helps you keep up and not get off track! have fun cant wait to hear how your weeks go!!

  4. Kyria @ Travel Spot

    Thanks for the tips! I need to add a strength day into my schedule. Right now it’s run, run, run. I need to change it up a little!

    Visiting from FF!

  5. fitknitchick

    Sounds like a fabulous plan! Exactly how I like to workout myself. I try to have a backup plan as well, just in case life gets in the way…
    Have a great Fitness Friday!

    Tamara (fitknitchick)

  6. Elle

    I have just started making plans/goals when it comes to my fitness and running. I used to just ‘wing it’, but I see the value now in setting goals. Good for you.

    Coming in on The Fitness Friday Blog Hop.

  7. jillconyers

    Good luck with your plan. Adding regular strength training to my running has made a huge difference.

    A plan is a must otherwise I just seem to flounder. My workouts and running are planned through Nov! It keeps me focused and motivated.

  8. Ang @ Sparkles and Bugs

    I love a good plan!!
    thanks for linking up 🙂

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